NA3AM began as a beaming vision. One that believes in the integration of globalisation. A hub of creative excellence dedicated to telling stories the way we see it. The way we play it. The way we live it.


The MENA region's digital content destination. A first of its kind. Pioneering a movement of expression for the millennial Arab. Locally and globally.


Enabling audiences internationally to re-learn, understand, enjoy and interact with an axis of the planet too often associated with negativity.

NA3AM’s Founder & CEO, HH Prince Fahad Al Saud, leads a team of tech-savvy experts based in Jordan (Amman) and Germany (Berlin).


Focused on the production of first-class content, NA3AM’s digital studio houses comic creators, 3D artists, writers, animators, photographers, games developers and illustrators from all walks of life.


A sincere sense of social responsibility is considered throughout our existence, providing opportunities as we build on the empowerment of a new generation.


The go-to hub for celebration in locally-focused content, NA3AM's award-winning team continues to generate global attention through the creation of boundary-breaking stories.


  • Games for Change

    Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Award 2015
  • Slush Helsinki

    Audience Demo Showcase Winner 2014
  • Nitro Punch Game Ranking

    Top 20 Most downloaded racing app in 8 countries
    (Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, Egypt, Algeria, Oman, Tunisia, Palestine)
  • Run Camel Run Game Ranking

    #1 Downloaded Adventure Game
    #1 downloaded Arcade game
    #2 Adventure, Game in Lebanon, Bahrain and UAE
    #3 Adventure Game in Qatar, Egypt, Jordan
    #8 most popular downloaded app in Saudi Arabia 2014
  • Yalla Huroof Game Ranking

    #1 Overall downloaded game in Egypt
    #1 Education game in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Jordan
    #1 Kids game in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Tunisia, Kuwait
    #2 Kids game in the UAE
    #1 Kids game (ages 6-8) in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Tunisia, UAE, Lebanon
    #2 Kids game (ages 6-8) in Kuwait 2015