About us

NA3AM is a mission-driven, award-winning, digital content company producing and distributing Arab-inspired content with global appeal.

With a mission to unlock Arab creativity, through social innovation, creative training academies and live events, NA3AM’s multi-faceted platform engages its audience from—Arab youth to key influencers across edutainment.

We are the new destination of young, creative talent; we incubate, educate and create games, comics, entertainment, news and events providing a safe and open space for unconventional creative expression.

We are digital pioneers.

Based in Amman, Jordan, Copenhagen, Denmark, and Berlin, Germany NA3AM’s 25 strong team of leading international programmers and video game artists hail from a diverse array of backgrounds.

Diversity is our creed, unity our goal. NA3AM is a beacon of positive change. We are passionately social, mobile and ready to take creative risks.

NA3AM Games

NA3AM Games produces games about and for the benefit of the Arab world, filling a void for underserviced audiences in gaming and media. From racing and adventure to competitive sporting games, NA3AM’s games address cultural Middle Eastern themes, while at the same time, retaining a strong international flavour well adapted for a flourishing global market.

Yalla Ta3leem

Yalla Ta3leem is our educational arm creating and developing content for children and adults; improving learning and development. Educational software and games produced by NA3AM have become an essential tool in preserving language and written skills across the Arab World.

NA3AM Enterprises

NA3AM Enterprises specializes in licensing and the development of IP from both within NA3AM and externally sourced. It’s role is to extend the application of creative content across multiple platforms. We create quality content for Arabic communities all over the world.