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NA3AM Artist Series — Reem Al Faisal

As part of our artist series, NA3AM spoke with Saudi Arabian Reem Al Faisal. Sprung from her native Saudi culture and history, this artist’s craft is a way for her to showcase God’s glory in its many formats across cultures and countries.

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NA3AM Artist Series – Khaled Akil

A great deal has been written about the Syrian crisis, its vast human toll and numerous repercussions on the world. With that, there has been little reporting on how this tragedy, followed by the en masse resettling of millions, has affected the hearts and minds of... read more

Elan Mention Run Camel Run´s Success

An accidental release has been a serious success for Saudi game developer Na3am Games. Harwil Ya Wahsh!, the company’s free-to-play iOS game which will be released in English as Run Camel Run! in a few weeks, has spent 16 of the 19 days since its release in the top... read more

Article on the Business Insider

Royals have been making a splash in the news lately, but there’s one prince who’s stayed out of the spotlight. Prince Fahad bin Faisal Al Saud is a grandson of the brother of the Saudi Arabian king. He could easily be living the high life at home in Saudi... read more

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