Caravan Master Adventures

Easy to learn, impossible to master and FREE to play! Prepare yourself for a fun-fueled magic carpet adventure through a psychedelic dreamworld.

Take a ride on an enchanted carpet to avoid obstacles and collect coins that can be exchanged for souls along the way to reach the top of the online leaderboards. Run through an out of this world dreamscape full of wonderful experiences and avoid thorny branches, lava pits, among other dangers.

You control our hero Mhawish who has entered a magic valley of his own imagination, yet he faces dangers in the ‘cursed lands’ and ‘temple of fire’ where new types of perils await him.


  • Secure your position on competitive online leaderboards
  • Share your scores with friends on social media
  • Ride a magic carpet and gain power-ups
  • Gather and spend souls to revisit checkpoints
  • Discover secret areas and new dangers