The Saudi Girls Revolution Universe is a series of proprietary content that ignites the movement to introduce and promote a new narrative for Arab women.

Our rebellious heroines embody a new female identity, changing how they are seen and how they see themselves within the universe.

The first comics will be a series of one-shots taking place around the same key event within the universe.

Prepare to meet: Latifa, Thara, Agent Sarrab and the Sisters Inferno and many more Arab heroines.

Based on Saudi Girls Revolution (SGR), we showcase rambunctious female-led stories dedicated to the empowerment of women, both regionally and worldwide. Audiences will envision themselves in brand new contexts; understand unfamiliar habits and address some of the world’s highly charged topics in a safe and artistic environment.

SGR’s heroines are a group of young rebels from Saudi Arabia and other neighboring countries who call themselves ‘MU’TAZILAH’. Why? Because they chose to separate themselves from mainstream society by going against what is an unjust political system. The word ‘MU’TAZILAH’ means “those who break away” in Arabic.

These young women symbolize female resilience and empowerment. They’re not constrained by any religious or political status quo. Simply put, they create their own. The universe is composed of 2 major IP’s in 2 different verticals: Digital comic books and video games, all set in a post-apocalyptic world filled with baboon king, crystal giant, fire dancers, mutants, and zombie cyber soldiers!

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