Yalla Huroof

Our Video Game to Learn Arabic

Building on the original game, Yalla Huroof 2.0 expands the original sandbox game-play with better visuals and a completely new puzzle mode, where you must solve cute 4 part riddles.

Every time you successfully draw a letter, a new animal or object is unlocked to play with to reward learning! Other exciting activities include causing earthquakes or making fireworks explode! Feed your animals and watch them play with each other while you advance through Huroof Island, all while learning the Arabic alphabet along the way!


  • Sandbox mode for the creative child.
  • Puzzle mode with cute puzzles for the little genius.
  • English and Arabic language with full voice over for both languages.
  • Result tracking showing progress through the alphabet.
  • 4 unique locations to unlock.
  • Over 140+ characters and objects to interact with achievements for the dedicated players.