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  • June 3, 2017

    NA3AM Summer Update

    NA3AM kick-started the summer by taking part in BoroughCon in New York, where we had a great time showcasing Latifa and some of our new initiatives. It was the first year of the event and we are looking forward to seeing it develop in the future. During the event HH Fahad Al-Saud and co-author Stan Berkowitz had signing session with fans of the Latifa comic, we also had the great surprise of seeing some Latifa cosplay taking place.

    Last but not least you can now find issues of Latifa in the awesome comic book store St. Mark’s Comics in downtown Manhattan.

    This summer we are working on producing our upcoming line of comics, which will feature more stories from the Saudi Girls Revolution universe. We can’t wait to show them to you, but for now we will be keeping our cards close to the vest.

    Also this summer we are proud to present our Ramadan story – HOME – which is an Instagram exclusive story where we reveal one comic book panel everyday. Follow us and join us as we tell the story of Firas and his cat Hilal.